This series titled "P.R.O.U.N." are works on paper made completely out of books from the last century, inspired from a time in history full of change and uncertainty equal to what we are seeing 100 years later.

When the constructivism art movement started 100 yrs ago it was designed to inspire. My series much like this movement is painted with bright uplifting colors and with an intention of giving hope and serve as a reminder of how we were provided for through these times. 


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   This art catalog contains my bio, the mission of how my art is aimed to bring peacealong with all my available signature Venetian plaster on board artworks that are available and ready to ship. 

For a catalog with pricing, just the link below then, fill in the boxes with your name and email address and an email will be automatically sent containing the link to view the catalog.

Austin Kerr was commissioned for a huge 110' long mural at the Kips Bay Palm Beach showhouse throughout the entrance. Additionally, he was commissioned for 2 paintings, one for Chicago based Alessandra Branca in the master bedroom and one for NY/ Palm Beach designer Sherrill Canet in the loggia. 

If you are looking to freshen up a powder room, create an accent wall that's unique or liven up a loggia with a hand painted mural, let's connect!

Custom mural patterns, designs and colors available to suit your project.

Miami abstract Artist Austin Kerr paintings in the Miami Design District

Fresh new series released in Dec for my Art Basel pop up gallery in the center of the Miami Design District.

This new series is a visual representation of the "black and white" nature of our culture today and to see there is another way to live in this world. 

Miami abstract Artist Austin Kerr hand painted wisteria headboards at the Brazilian Court Hotel in Palm Beach

Being versatile is something I enjoy being. From antique reproduction finishes to abstract paintings to the abstract wisteria artwork used in all the remodeled Brazilian Court Hotel rooms. This artwork was made large and printed on 13'-21" long upholstered headboard panels for this iconic Palm Beach hotel. Have a look at the editorial featuring me in the table of contents and on page 36 of the Dec issue.Additionally this project has been featured in Robb report, The Cottage Journal, Quest Magazine and others as well.

"Promise Kept' is the title of this 111 piece art commission to be installed at AKA WeHo's new location at 8500 Sunset. This ultra-luxury residences is loaded with all original pieces of my art, furnished with all bespoke furniture and offers incredible amenities like these custom water bottles printed with my art on them and co-branded my signature with the AKA logo.

Miami based abstract Artist Austin Kerr art presentation box

Collaborating with talented designers across the country has taught me the value of great presentation. The design of this art box has been in the works for over a year and it was constructed locally specifically for my art. This box comes with a hand written note, art brochure and 3 original artwork tiles on wood with my mission statement on the inside cover. These are designed to bring to the client to see and feel the texture and color play.

Custom art tiles for specific projects can be requested for you presentation and stored in your design library

Miami bsaed abstract artist Austin Kerr abstract artwork in AKA University City residence designed by italian architect by piero lissoni in philadelphia, PA.

"Pursuit of Perfection"is a 162 piece art commission by the firm of the internationally- renowned designer and architect Piero Lissoni. These 162 all original and different pieces are distributed inside the high end suites of Philadelphia's new FMC Tower where the highest luxury residence is located in Philadelphia, PA. 

Miami based abstract Artist Austin Kerr hand painted monstera leaf mural

For an Art Basel installation Holly Hunt commissioned Kerr for a mural Kerr of monstera leafs to mimic their Great Outdoors fabric called "Palms" for Holly Hunt's showroom in the heart of the Miami Design District.