The number of people able to cook their own gesso and lay out original Chinoiserie designs is getting fewer by the year. Austin Kerr was fortunate to be mentored by one of Rose Tarlow's best artists. Everyday, for 10 hours a day, weeks on end he was taught by the very strict mentor "Ernesto DaVinci" as he is called in Los Angeles. This cabinet shown is the first piece Kerr created starting from a raw cabinet, crackling it with casein, lacquering it black, and drawing out all the design, applying accents raised  with gesso and then applying gold leaf. These finishes have around 45 steps involved to create a Chinoiserie like this.

Show Houses, Charity events, Staging

Kerr has been involved with many events like Elle Decor's Show Houses, Design on a Dime and market parties. He can assist with helping you participate in these events for a lesser cost by donating his artwork for charities or hosting it for events and also offering a discounted rate on his finishing skills for certian events. - Shown, for Elle Decor's show house, he finished the striped chairs, faux finished the column and painted the walls and ceiling. Art staging for realtors  is also available.

Faux Marble

Sometimes we have a very particular client, we think that's a great thing! This client wasn't happy with the backsplash of his kitchen where, in the corner, there was no veining. Here you can see the before and after. We can take care of odd jobs like this, faux plug and switch plates and even some floor repairs with faux finishes.

Speciality Finishes on Cabinetry and Paneling

This was a Project for Habbersham where Kerr was contracted to work alongside a local designer to create exactly what the client was looking for. We did a metallic silver lacquer base followed by a mixture of gold and silver powders in a glaze to blend with the tones in the flooring.

Hand Painted Finishes on Cabinetry

Growing up Kerr spent over 10 years perfecting reproduction French Country finishes at his family owned furniture business "Adele Kerr Inc." where that was their premier style. This experience coupled with almost another 10 more years finishing an even broader range of finishes in Miami, he can assist you with all your finishing needs.

Custom Marine Speciality Finishes

There is a lot of expenses when doing anything involved with yachts. We like to assure our clients that we have the care to protect everything aboard the vessel, by the extent of our prep work, to make sure the job is not only finished correctly and promptly but that the surrounding surfaced are protected as well.

Modifications to Cabinetry or Furniture

We have clients that draw inspiration from other manufactures to add embellishments to existing millwork, like these doors shown. We had the curved metal fabricated and then we finished the steel to look like a antique bronze and retrofitted to 8 of these doors for the interior of a yacht.

Custom Metal Finishes and Fabrication

If you have an idea let us make it come to fruition. We don't only work with wood finishes but metal is a common material we finish also. Metal Fabrication is something we can contract out and later we inspect and finish.

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