Austin Kerr was born to paint.

The antique reproduction finish on the picture frame to the left was painted by Kerr at the age of 6.

He grew up in a home where his father was a talented furniture designer and artist/ painter who grew had a passion and wanted to share it with the family. This passion shared with his older brothers Scott and Shawn and his mother Adele, grew into  a company named Kerr Collection, that's been in business for over 40 years. Now, with almost 20 years of experience working with the best in interior design Detailed Finishes by Austin Kerr, is a one stop shop when it comes to all your finishing, repairs and restorations. We are available to travel anywhere globally to do the repairs or finish work you need. 

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With such a passion for the look and feel of authentic antique finishes, Austin Kerr's hand distressed painted, stained and leaf finishes available in all levels of distressing, color schemes and sheens and are guaranteed to more than satisfy any aficionado.

Kerr was taught the ancient form of creating Chinoiserie by Rose Tarlow Melrose House's artist. he was also taught faux finishes by people with over a century of experience. Murals, faux wood and marble, furniture design, smaller carpentry installations are some of Kerr's abilities and he is always willing to be challenged with new creative opportunities.

Wether developing durable custom finishes for a reception desk for a Philippe Starck project or for your residential project, we offer a gambit of finishes to go along side even the best furniture manufactures in the industry.

From NYC to LA companies like Dessin Fournir, Holly Hunt, Jerry Pair, Michael Taylor, Madeline Stewart, D&L- Formations, Ironies, J Robbert Scott they all know Austin well... He is their go to repair man. From 17th Century pieces on, Kerr has the experience in performing the repairs and can also help manufactures evaluate reoccurring issues by developing new finishes for them.

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